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Depression in Children

Depressive disorders have affected approximately 10–15% of children/teens in the United States at some point during their lives.


Some common signs of depression in children are:


  • Has your child lost interest in his/her usual activities?
  • Do you see a change in your child's behavior?
  • Is your child sad or irritable?
  • Has your child stopped socializing with friends?
  • Has there been a sudden drop in your child's grades?
  • Is your child sleeping more/less often?
  • Has your child's eating habits changed?
  • Has he/she experienced weight loss/gain?


Depression in children is very damaging when left untreated, so don't wait and hope that the symptoms will go away. Early intervention by a qualified psychologist is key to prevent deterioration in the child's functioning.

We Care

Being the parent of a depressed child is not easy; it can be  heartbreaking and scary. We know you wish to be the best parent possible, but sometimes you feel uncertain how best to support your child. If you suspect your child is depressed, make the decision today to schedule an appointment with a professional. Depression is highly treatable. It is important to  complete an assessment with a qualified clinician to get an accurate diagnosis.

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